1983 Pam Dudley saw her vision for individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities come to reality as the Washington County Handicapped Services was opened. In 2005 the center was named in honor of the late Pam Dudley, paying tribute to her memory and visionary spirit. Today The Pam Dudley Center offers support in a variety of ways. These support opportunities are offered both on site, at 10604 West State Highway E in Potosi, MO., and offsite within Potosi and surrounding communities. This Website is designed to answer basic questions about each of our departments as well as share information about various issues facing those in the DD community. So, browse around our site and don’t hesitate to call if we can be of any assistance to you. Information can be obtained by browsing this Website, calling (573) 438-2864 or in person at 10604 West State Highway E in Potosi, MO. 63664

WCHS Philosophy: The people who are The Pam Dudley Center believe in the value and dignity of each person. Our purpose is to enable individuals who are viewed as disabled to realize their maximum life potential. For this to happen, we must provide opportunities for growth and development in all areas of living. Each person must be treated individually and with respect for his or her unique differences.

We recognize that families are significantly impacted when a member has a disabling condition. We believe in strengthening the role of the family as the primary care provider so that the person with disabilities may live in normalized, family-styled settings. Support and involvement with families is deemed to be critical.

We believe that adult services should be geared towards empowering individuals to become as independent and productive in their community as possible. Individuals with disabilities have inherent rights to improve their standard of living, make their own choices, experience meaningful work, and develop satisfying interpersonal relationships. As adults with disabilities age, services should encourage their enjoyment of life, socialization opportunities, and productivity during their senior years.

We adhere to the belief that services should be provided in the community of residents. We are devoted to fostering interagency collaboration and use of generic services in the provision of services. Individuals should be allowed to function freely in society as they so choose. A mobilized community will reduce barriers to integration of persons with disabilities in neighborhoods and workplaces. We strive to help open doors of opportunity to assist in the successful growth of the individual.

We believe that it is our responsibility to act as change agents by communicating our philosophy through both community education and example.


WCHS Mission Statement: Our Mission is to support people who have a developmental disability with respect and dignity, working side by side, while encouraging growth in the individual and provider.